Aaron Holiday

Indian Pacers

Aaron Holiday – Indiana:  This guy could end up being the steal of the draft and immediately become a franchise stabilizer at the point guard position.  His summer league performance was more at ease than any other point guard I observed.  His natural feel for the game and his inherent ability to make others around him better just oozed off the screen.  He plays with an unusual confidence level that, undoubtedly, must have something to do with having two older brothers already playing in the NBA.  His game is not unlike his brother Jrue, but Aaron is more undersized and relies a bit more on proactive ball movement to keep his internal metronome ticking.  His shooting ability and moreover, his ability to create his own shot late in the shot clock is intriguing.  As I’ve mentioned before, I was surprised with his scoring numbers at UCLA.  He has a keen knack for scoring, while continuing to facilitate his team functioning at an optimal level.  Last night I debated with someone whether or not Holiday or Sexton will have better NBA career’s, and I guess it wasn’t much of a debate since we both settled in Holiday.  In closing, there is just an ease to the way he plays which makes everyone around him feel comfortable, including the audience watching the game.  This is a major basketball player who will have an impact for years to come, and a very smart pick by the Indiana Pacers.